Whether you need a solution for business, entertainment, or a mix of both, we offer a range of internet access options to suit your specific needs.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Access to the internet gives you and your business access to the world. We offer secure, high speed internet connectivity that is reliable, secure, and scalable to support multiple functions such as voice, data replication, and video conference calling simultaneously.

DIA provides symmetrical high-speed bandwidth connectivity for your business with protected and continuous connectivity between your local network and the internet via fibre connection. We proactively monitor your internet service 24/7 to verify uptime and availability. With one of our industry-leading service level agreements, we ensure that you get optimal network performance and availability, so you can focus on your business.

Our dedicated internet access solutions are fully scalable to respond to your business needs as you grow and your network requirements change.

Corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Allow employees to remotely access files, applications, and other resources on the office network safely and securely, even on public Wi-Fi hotspots, without compromising security.

VPNs allow users to access your business network remotely, and connect multiple networks securely. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a VPN to share servers, software and other network resources across multiple offices anywhere in the world.


Deploy infrastructure and communications platforms that are scalable, available and yield maximum ROI and reliability.

Broadband Internet Access (BIA)

Broadband offers high speed, always on internet services for smaller businesses as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to DIA.

Fibre Services

Need a faster internet connection? With our fibre solutions you get increased bandwidth and reliability, at a lower cost. With data centres in Bedfordview and Midrand, and a national fibre presence, we are able to reliably and consistently offer voice, video and data services.

Our fibre solutions are delivered via fibre or microwave technologies, and make use of fast, secure and high-performance metro ethernet networks. Metro ethernet is a high speed internet protocol network that covers metropolitan areas and is used to provide access to larger service networks, inter-office branches, and of course the internet.

Fibre To The Home

Spend less time buffering and more time being entertained online. FibreMAX is an uncapped, unshaped internet service designed to give you instant, uninterrupted, and lightning-fast connection to your home.

Corporate Access Point Name (APN)

Need to reduce employee 3G data costs? A centralised APN solution provides cost-effective usage of bandwidth by allowing all users to utilise the same bandwidth bundle.

Control how the internet is used with access restrictions such as rules to deny downloading of music and movies and access to social media networks or content-heavy sites (YouTube).

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