Protect your data, devices and network connectivity with our SMART Managed Security Services

Data is your business’s biggest asset which is why it needs to be protected. Many companies don’t have the resources to continuously manage this, which is where our SMART Managed Security Services come in. Our team of security experts have the skill and technical know-how needed to consolidate, optimise and manage your security needs. We handle everything from firewall protection, remote access, secure connectivity and more, to ensure that your network and sensitive data is protected.

Why utilise a Managed Security Service Provider?

Free up your IT department

Online security management and monitoring is time consuming. By using our managed security services, you can free up your IT staff and reduce administrative burdens.

Round the clock protection

By utilising security service providers, you are guaranteed access to a team of certified security professionals that proactively work to ensure that your data is never open to threats or unauthorised access.

Stay protected against new threats

Every day, there are thousands of new threats and risks that need to be managed. Our SMART managed security service ensures that all security policies and firewall configurations are continuously updated to keep your business data and network secure.

Why choose our SMART Managed Security Service?

Next-generation security technology

At SMART we utilise innovative Next-generation security technology to ensure that your data is secure and never vulnerable.

Wide range of scalable solutions

We partner with leading security providers to provide you with the best security solutions to suit your business needs and budget.

We work as part of your team

We take the pressure off of your busy IT department and become part of your extended team.

24-hour security management and monitoring

Our experienced team actively and consistently monitors access to the internet from the company network, responds to critical alerts, compiles management reports and more to ensure that your data is protected.

Firewall Services

Your firewall is the first line of defence in protecting your network traffic and the flow of sensitive data from risk and malware. Our firewall solutions are managed by a team of security experts and utilise the best-of-breed technology to stop potential threats from accessing your data. We have both on-premises and cloud-hosted solutions available and manage all installations, updates, bug fixes and configurations for you.

Secure Remote Access

Business is changing the way it operates with more reliance on contractors, freelancers and temporary employees, who all need access to your network and business information. This opens you up to threats. With our remote access solutions that include our secure VPN Portal and SSL publishing services, we can maximise security levels by authenticating the user’s network credentials and permissions to the network. We also offer two-factor authentication services which is the safest method for securing business networks and data. In this case, access can only be granted via a dual login, which adds an extra layer of protection.

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Managed Endpoint Security

Businesses need to protect their data, especially in the world of cloud computing where many employees are making use of private sync-and-share platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Media Fire etc. This opens up your business network to potential threats and can expose your data. Our team works hard to secure all your business devices (smartphones, tablets, and notebooks) with our managed endpoint security services to stop viruses, ransomware and malware before they enter your business network.

Managed Internet Access

Our team will help you manage your internet connections and assist you in defining content-filtering rules to block inappropriate content and decrease business risk. This is done by restricting certain sites, like social media platforms and Youtube, as well as keeping track of downloaded content. We provide you with monthly reports on what content users are accessing and highlight problems or issues.

Risk and Compliance Assessments

Our team of experienced security engineers will analyse, identify, and provide insight into potential vulnerabilities and offer threat management remediation steps to secure your network at all levels.

IT Security Services

We provide a wide range of anti-spam, anti-virus and mail security solutions aimed at protecting sensitive and personal information from theft or loss. Our team initiates regular malware, spam, and phishing scans to keep your network secure. Your mails are also stored securely on our mail servicer for up to 10 years.

Vulnerability Scanning

We utilise SecuriScan, which is an advanced scanning service using a web-based application to assess your current security standing and offer improvements to address and identify security vulnerabilities and weak spots.

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Managed WAN Optimisation

We provide comprehensive network monitoring and management functions for wide area networks and application acceleration/optimisation environments.

Cloud Web Filtering

Using cloud web filtering solutions, we can protect your internet-connected devices from harmful web content. This solution blocks access to harmful online viruses and malware and stops these from being downloaded to you PC’s and devices.

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For more on SMART’s Managed Security Services and how we can ensure the safety of your data, contact us for a free consultation.

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